Registration for VMS

If your property is subscribed to VMS, Management would need to register the guards and the Android device(s) to the portal.

Steps on the Android Mobile Device:

1.  A link from Google will be provided to Management to download from Chrome (Obtain this link from iResidenz Operational staff)

2. Install this app called 'iResidenz Visitor Management'

3. Click 'Register Account' on the device

Steps on the Management Dashboard

1. Login > Setup > Module Settings > Visitor Management

2. Manage Devices & Accounts

'New Account & Device Registration'

Fill in the compulsory fields

1. Guard IC/Passport #

2. Guard Name

3. Security Company Name

4. Active on Certain Days > Choose all

5. Guard Mobile or Contact #

6. Activation Dates > Register Account

7. Scan the QR code on the Mobile device or key-in the 6 digit numbers and click Next

8. Snap a picture of the guard and create a 4 digit PIN for the login > Tick on Terms & Conditions and click Next


There are several options for Management to Enable. Only Tick on the boxes if they are enabled options

1. Show Visitor Photo to Residents? (do not enable this setting if you are taking a photo of the visitor's NRIC / Passport) (?) Each visitor would need to take a photo/picture before entry to the premises for verification & audit purposes.  If you're taking a picture of the visitor's ID or Passport & do not want to show this picture to the Resident, do not enable this setting

2. Enable Blacklist

3. Enable Check Out Process  (?) Enable this feature if visitors must Check-Out at the guardhouse upon exit.  If enabled, the system warns the guards whenever a non-checked-out visitor tries to register to enter the property again.  Commonly known as Anti-Passback feature.  This feature is useful if visitors are provided with a visitor-card or temporary-parking-card during entry to the property & must return it to the guardhouse upon exit.

4. Auto-Search & Populate on History (using NRIC / Passport no.)

5. Enable MyKad & Driving License Text Scan (?) This technology automatically scans & extracts visitor details such as Name & ID Numbers from the visitor's identification cards (eg. MyKad, Drivers' License, Passport) during the check-in process.  It simplifies check-ins, saves time & eliminates typos.  Contact your iResidenz Sales Rep for further info.

6. Overstay Alert.  It can be set according to the duration, or time allowed by Management.  (ie, Deliveries-30 minutes)

7. Default Guard app de-activation period can be set accordingly (drop-down)

8. Terms & Conditions

Guard Terms

This Text box can be filled by Management. Save all the information.

Visitor Form Management

Visit Sign in Fields

1. Visit Purpose [click to manage]

- Create Visit Type > Purpose Name field >

- Overstay Alert  for this visit purpose

- Show in Security Device for Check-in?

- Active > Save

Note: For every Visit Purpose type, Management can Create new Sub-type by clicking on the line-bar on the right > Create Sub-type > Fill in the Type field and all necessary details > Save

2. Management can edit text by clicking on the pencil icon.  Management can also Remove/Delete Visit Types

Compulsory Sign In Fields are:-

a. Visit Purpose

b. IC/Passport No.

c. Photo

d. Full Name

e. Contact No.

Non-compulsory Sign in Fields are:-

a. Vehicle Registration No.

b. Vehicle Details (Car make/Model/Color)

c. Car Park

d. Email

e. Company Name

Management can add Sign in Fields

a. Number of Visitors (as an example and set if it is compulsory to fill-up) and Save