VMS Guide for Guards

Steps for Guard's to Check-in and Check-out a Visitor

A. To Check-in an Adhoc visitor (Walk-in / Drive-in)

1. The guard must choose his profile name and key-in the 4-digit PIN > Next

2. Click on 'IN / MASUK"

3. Choose from the category of the type of visitor (ie, Friend / Family, Delivery, Pickup / Dropoff, etc.)

4. Choose the 'Unit'  > NEXT

5. A picture of the Driver's license, NRIC or Passport must be taken.  OCR (Optical card reader) is available to capture the NRIC/Passport No & the Name of the visitor.

6. Other fields may be filled-up manually (ie. Contact no., Vehicle Registration no. etc.)

7. The guards may click on Check-in immediately if approval is not required.  However, if approval is needed, the guard may tap-to-call the owner.  

A pre-registered visitor is one who has received a QR code from the owner prior to the day of the visit.

B. To Check-in a Pre-registered Visitor


2. The visitor's information would show on the guard's app, Click 'CONTINUE 

3. Take a picture of the driver's license/NRIC/Passport > 

C. To Check-out a Visitor

1. Click OUT / KELUAR

2. Click on the Visitor  > CHECK OUT > OK


The guards' app has:-

1. Visitor Log

a. The guard is able to view logs of previous visits (Today, Yesterday, the Last 7 days & Overstayed)

2. Blacklist

a. The Owner and Management have the right to 'Blacklist' an unwanted visitor into the unit or property

b. Owners are allowed to blacklist a visitor from visiting the unit only.

c. Management is allowed to blacklist a visitor from entering the property.

3. Notification

The Home Page on the Guard's app has 'Notifications'

The Notification is on the total of overstayed visitors in the property.