Invoices are uploaded in PDF (CSV is Optional on a Case-to-case basis) Please contact iResidenz for further information.

The types of invoices uploaded are Maintenance & Sinking Fund, **Water, **Fire Insurance, **Quit Rent & **Parking (** Optional)

A. Bills - How To Upload PDF Bills

Prepare PDF files to upload

  1. 1. The bills need to be saved in PDF format and have the Invoices / Statements / Water Bills downloaded in separate folders

  2. 2. Split / Merge your PDF files according to the units using PDF SamBasic. Please ensure only one PDF file per unit. Click Here to download the software and Click here to see how to split and merge PDF files

  3. 3. Name the files according to the bill type (INV / STMT / WTR) followed by unit number. e.g: INVA-1-1

  4. 4. Ensure that the file is named correctly, no space in between the filename

  5. 5. Select all the bills and compress them into a zip file.

  6. 6. Please ensure that the PDF bills are NOT in a zip file sub-folder.


1. Click on Bills & Payments

2. Click on Bills.  Invoices uploaded are in PDF format.

3. Click on the PDF icon to view the invoices uploaded to the portal. Filter by the month, year and unit.

Import Files

  1. 1. Click Next

  2. 2. Choose bills for the month. Only one invoice, statement, and water bills per unit each month. If two files/ pages are required to be uploaded in the same month, please merge the invoices.

  3. 3. Choose bills type (Invoice / Statement / Water).

  4. 4. Browse the files. Click on CTRL to browse more than one file

  5. 5. Click 'Import Bills'. The files will be processed and uploaded to the system.