Issues are submitted by the owners/tenant directly to Management which requires Management to respond.

Feedback - Issues


1. Click Feedback > Issues.  Under 'Pending', it shows issues submitted by the owner/tenant, which is yet to be Acknowledged by Management.

2. Management is able to click on the 'Feedback No.' (in blue text) to open the issue and acknowledge the Issue by clicking on 'Acknowledge Issue (in blue text - righ-hand corner) to change the status.

3. After choosing to Acknowledge, the 'Message' text box will appear to reply to the owner/tenant.  Management can choose files to attach to the message.

4. Management may 'Close Issue' once the issue has been resolved.

A. Submit New Issue on Behalf


1. Click on Submit New Issue on Behalf

2. Fill-in mandatory fields and click on Submit (Files may be attached)

3. Once it is submitted by Management, the owner/tenant will receive an email notification.

4. Management may respond to the issue by clicking 'Acknowledge' and 'Close' after the issue is resolved.

Note: Management is allowed to submit an issue on behalf of the owner/tenant.

B. Feedback - Compliments


1. Click on Feedback > Compliments.

2. Click on 'Feedback No.' under the Feedback No. column.

3. Management to respond and type in the Message box and click 'Reply'

4. Management may choose to convert a compliment into an Issue by clicking on the yellow button "Convert to Issue'

5. The owner/tenant will receive an email notification informing that the compliment has been changed into an Issue.