A. Post Genearal Notices


1. Click 'General Notices' > Post Notice (green tab)

2. Fill-in mandatory fields with the asterik.

3. Management is able to attach documents by clicking on "Choose Files' > Submit

B. Private Messages


1. Click on 'New Private Message' (green tab)

2. Filter the Block allows you to choose which block the respective owner is from (applicable for multiple blocks property)

3. Filer by Residenc Type, owner or tenant.

4. Management is able to choose multiple units from the same block by pressing 'Ctrl' 

5. Fill in mandatory fields.

6. Managment is able to attache documents by clicking on 'Choose Files' > Submit

C. SMS Messages - Contact iResidenz for this feature

ANNOUNCEMENT - Short Messages (ie, Water, Lift Disruption)


1. Click on 'Create Announcement' (green tab)

2. Fill in the mandatory fields.

3. Select the Publish start date & time and end date and time and click 'Create'