No Additional Charges

  • You will not be charged any additional processing fees when you pay your rent through iResidenz.


  • You don't have to update your landlord that a payment has been made. They will immediately receive an email notification which includes the payment details.


  • You will get an instant SMS notification to confirm payment has gone through.
  • You will immediately receive a transaction receipt from iResidenz.
  • All your payment history will be recorded in the portal for future reference.

What's the difference between paying my rent through my bank's website VS iResidenz?

Via iResidenz's Payment Gateway Directly Through Your Online Banking Website
  • No additional charges. You do not get charged any additional processing fees to pay your rent.
  • Immediate SMS notification to your landlord once payment transaction is successful.
  • Immediate email confirmation with transaction receipt.
  • Transaction automatically recorded on iResidenz, in one place. Great for future reference.
  • Depending on which bank you use and which bank you are transferring money to, there is a processing fee for Interbank GIRO (IBG) and instant Interbank Fund Transfer (IBFT).
  • Have to email proof of payment or notify your landlord that payment has been made.
  • No immediate acknowledgement.
  • Have to do your own filling of payment records for future reference.